Malada Maerim



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The concept of Malada is always create the best home for customers, focusing on 3 main factors. The first is quality, the second is the location and the third is about design. From all projects that can be seen Malada homes will have different designs. Has evolved throughout and the important thing is like no other, with various features of each project.

Every project of Malada, located on the superb location of the city of Chiang Mai, close to the main road and near amenities. Whole mall, community mall, supermarkets, fresh markets and the city’s main attractions easily accessible to the airport and there is no flooding problem to bother. The project near the mountain view that provides pure air, fresh cool all year. The road in the project is wider than the standard of housing estates. It helps the cars in the turnover project be streamlined. In order to meet a simple and comfortable life in a small quality society that you can afford

The website provides detailed information on homes that are designed to be the best for customers Which is located in a prime location of Chiang Mai, next to the main road and near many amenities.