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Kadyai, an application that will be an intermediary between farmers and customers. Make buying and selling vegetables easier. Everyone can pre-order the produce from farmers. The application will update the status of vegetables and fruits that you have reserved and have photos at all stages of growth by farmers or even in terms of information, it feels like getting closer to farmers. Buyers can be assured that the product is naturally sourced and come from farmers.

Kadyai is a special project that Artisan Digital is involved in producing applications and we manage all parts of digital marketing. We create content based on the personality and corporate identity of the brand. Create content to educate farmers In an easy-to-understand design style, making a video interview with farmers to share attitudes, experiences, knowledge, garden care, techniques or local wisdom, including creating SEO articles to add more channels to reach the brand. when searching for farmer knowledge on Google and providing this SEO article to educate website visitors as well.

The application will update the status of fruits and vegetables that you have reserved. Along with photo in all stages of growth by the farmers themselves or even in the information section, like getting closer to the farmer guaranteeing you to be sure that the item will definitely reach you. The application created by using React Native, and the backend website for farmers created by Angular.