Heng Leasing

Digital Marketing


  • Social Media Content
  • LINE Sticker
  • Facebook Page Admin

Heng Leasing A full range of automotive loans service, the refinancing of all types of vehicles with more than 295 branches throughout the northern, central, western, northeastern and the branches are continuously expanding. To support customers buying used cars and quick loans.

We have planned to create content suitable for the automotive loan business. We presented through encouraging content, an invitation to apply for an automotive loan, knowledge, savings, fortune-telling to matches the target audience of the brand through Facebook and LINE Official Account. Creating a LINE Sticker with a personality and words similar to the employees of Heng Leasing. Helps increase friendliness in conversations and helps to work easier and it’s like the mascot for the brand have a character with a clear personality, good communication of brand identity, Easier to access.

Including the Facebook admin service that is important for the loan business that needs speed and the correct answer, We are involved in providing an admin fan page by having time to chat with customers on Facebook, compile questions and answers to do statistics, reporting for customer needs analysis to continue marketing and the production of advertising media focusing on creating awareness of Heng Leasing through online channel. The video is presented in video advertisements format less than 30 seconds and create in 2D Motion Graphic less than 15 seconds. Show on Youtube to add more channels to reach the brand. And more brand awareness.