About Artisan Digital

We “Artisan digital” working with the concept that our work must be finely detailed like “Artisan”. Not just designing or creative work but also websites and applications. Because our goal is to deliver the finest digital craftworks to our clients.

Our vision

Artisan Digital has always aspired to build “digital things” the “artisan” way. To be recognized as “digital artisans” is why we do what we do.

We keep our work process as simple yet efficient as possible. We pay close attention to our client’s needs and dive into the finest detail to make sure we deliver quality digital products, from the website, mobile app, digital content, and digital marketing campaigns.

We treat our digital work like a piece of delicate art and our client like a royal. Being based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where our homegrown talents can best flourish, we aim to make our services are known globally, our home the new digital hub and finally help redefine the future of digital work around the world.

Each “minute” you wait,
each “customer” you waste.